Our beautiful surroundings as pictured here makes for your well being, we offer assisted walks early mornings in the gardens.
Full beautican services are offered hair is groomed ,finger nails and toe nails polished .Barber services are available for men with a daily face shave..
The Medical services  included in your package are weekly blood sugar and blood pressure checks, and weight monitoring on a monthly basis. Your three monthly doctors visit is arranged for you and visits are made to the home by your doctor ,this expense however is yours.Should you not want to continue with your personal physican,the home will appoint one for at your own expense..
Excursions by bus are available and scenic tours. these can be arranged ,but are not included in your package..
Fitness and well being can be had here with weekly dancersise classes on fridays .Daily Spiritual health Bible readings; Prayers,craft, Television viewing ,daily newspaper ,and group discussions.
Caring physicians trained in gerontology will attend you.